SFM procures and manages all the vehicles in the Fleet program. Fleet purchases the vehicles and then bills back each agency for the lease payments, telematics fees, insurance, maintenance, and fuel costs.  This overview is broken into two parts. Part one is a higher-level overview of the entire billing process and part two dives into the more intricate pieces of the billing process. 

Billing Overview Part 1 covers the following: (NEW! Updated, downloadable SlideDeck)

What is Billing?:1:00

The Billing Cycle: 3:19

Prebilling Processes-coding changes, internal transfers, and odometers: 4:42

Billing: 24:10

Post Billing: 25:03

Please note: If you experience low video quality, download the video to resolve any issues.

Billing Overview Part 2 reviews the following: (Downloadable SlideDeck)

Atypical Billing Processes: 2:45

Vehicle Assignments: 9:52

Billing History in CARS: 13:11

Coding Changes: 21:06

Internal Transfer and Coding Change Form: 23:55

CDU Structure/Changes: 36:45

Please note: Vehicles totaled in an Accident or considered to be UERs (Uneconomical Repair), were incorrectly identified as being a reason for the collection of revenue via a manual bill. Generally, the remaining revenue of a totaled or UER vehicle is not collected from the agency. This should have stated, "Vehicles turned in prior to the completion of lease payments will have remaining revenue collected via a manual bill. This is often for vehicles that have reached their end of life faster than expected, ie those vehicles that reached their mileage limits sooner than anticipated." 

References in videos:

SFM Billing Coordinator: dpa_sfmbilling@state.co.us

SFM Support & Training Team: dpa_sfmtraining_support@state.co.us

Internal Transfer Form New form now included coding changes!  

Odometer Entry How-To

Running Odometer History Report (Only available after billing runs)

SFM Deadline Schedule