Telematics is the recorded information from the state's mobile assets collected for review and analysis. It will benefit the state in many ways such as improved service, lower administrative costs, lower operating costs, and safer operations. Over the past decade, this tool has become commonplace in vehicle fleets to the extent that in December of 2019 the Federal Department of Transportation adopted it on all qualifying Commercial Motor vehicles.


This action mandated the State to adopt and create processes around the procedures of telematics in Fleet vehicles. Many of your agencies have already contributed to the pilot operations produced through State Fleet Management(SFM) and the Colorado Energy Office. 

In the FY2020-21 legislative process, to better capture operational data, the Governor's office and the Legislature approved the implementation of telematics on the State Fleet Vehicles. This will allow a more accurate understanding of vehicle use cases and how to more efficiently allocate funds associated with vehicle operations. 

This also requires agency interaction to monitor and address vehicle operations. In our review, we will work through the following items.

  • Introduction to Fleet and the concept of telematics
  • A Telematics Universal Policy
  • Employee Notice of Telematics Use in State Vehicles
  • Demonstration of the Geotab telematics platform
  • Your questions

If you were unable to attend the meeting held on September 29 and October 1, 2020, please feel free to watch the Telematics Policy, Notification, & Demo meeting at your convenience.

IMPORTANT UPDATES: The Telematics Universal Policy went into effect on November 2, 2020.

The URL to access the Geotab system has changed since this meeting was recorded. The new URL is