Each Agency is responsible for making sure all their vehicles have an updated registration on a yearly basis.  And if they are located in an Emissions area, they need to have an emissions test done every two years prior to that year’s renewal date.  Diesels require an emissions test every year.  If your vehicle is not physically located in an emissions area it does Not require emissions testing.

1- Expire:  PERMANENT – this relates to the physical (State) plate and means they are permanent plates that do not expire.  NOTE: The registration does expire and must be renewed, annually.  

2- Emission Expire: This shows when the next emissions test is due.  The Emissions test needs to be done prior to that month, to automatically be put on your registration. If not done prior, you will have to have it done and may need the receipt, before you can renew your plates.

3- This is the date that this registration was issued.  The registration is valid through the end of the month listed here, one year later.  This registration is valid through July 31, 2021. 

NOTE: If registration is a duplicate registration, this date may not be accurate. In this case, contact State Fleet (dpa_usedvehicles@state.co.us) or DOR for the accurate expiration date.

4- This is the Asset number (assigned by State Fleet Management) associated with this vehicle.