Fuel Reimbursement for Individuals

An employee may have to use a form of payment other than the vehicle’s WEX fuel card. This can happen when the fuel card is missing, has been cancelled or any other reason it’s not available.  When this happens, SFM will reimburse the agency for the fuel as long as all requirements are met. It is the agency’s responsibility to reimburse the employee if the said employee used his/her own card. The most common reason this occurs is the fuel card was compromised, thus cancelled, and the replacement card has not yet arrived.

To Request Reimbursement from SFM:

  1. The request should be submitted to SFM at dpa_sfminvoices@state.co.us
  2. Include a copy of the receipt.
    1. The receipt must list the number of gallons purchased, price, and station information. If any of this information is missing, please write it on the receipt or include it in your written request. 
  3. Include the plate number in your request.
  4. Set up an ITI in CORE and include the ITI number in your request. 
    • ITI AAGA 8200 8200 is SFM’s naming convention for CORE documents that must be used.

NOTE: The fuel must have been purchased for a State vehicle within the SFM program.