Has a recall recently been completed on your vehicle? Read below to see how these get processed at SFM.

SFM gets most recall complete data directly from the manufacturers on a monthly basis. FCA (Dodge, Chrysler, Jeep, Ram), Ford, Toyota, and GM (GMC and Chevy) all send this information to SFM. SFM then has this data uploaded in CARS. If there are any outstanding recalls based on the manufacturers’ data, the “Date Sent” on CARS will reflect the upload date. Also, if the vehicles do not have any recalls, the “Date Complete” will be the date of this upload with Admin Update in the “Confirmed By” field in CARS.  

For those recalls where the manufacturer does not send over the recall complete information, and is still showing in the Recalls Not Completed list then an invoice from the dealership is required. This invoice should be sent to dpa_statefleetrecalls@state.co.us to be processed in CARS. For any questions or concerns related to recalls please reach out to dpa_statefleetrecalls@state.co.us for guidance.