Vehicle Utilization Report

Vehicle utilization management is one of the many responsibilities of the Fleet Coordinator. The goal is to have a balanced utilization of all vehicles within the fleet. While this is not 100% attainable due to special equipment, special services/routes, etc; an even utilization among the fleet should be an ongoing focus and goal. SFM tasks the Fleet Coordinator with this responsibility as he/she has the best knowledge and understanding of its agency’s fleet operations.  

The Vehicle Utilization report is a very helpful tool to help give you an understanding of your fleet.    

To run the report, log in to MyCARS.

  1. Select the Reports tab.

  2. In the Report Name box, select Vehicle Utilization Report

  3. In the Parameters box, select the appropriate options. % can be used as the wildcard to select all options (this must be entered, not selected from the dropdown). 

  4. Click the Run button.

  5. To open the report in Excel, click the save as button and select CSV with headers as the Save as type. Note: column order and headings will differ slightly between Excel version and PDF.

Understanding the Report:

This report lists all vehicles for the selected parameters, their respective utilization codes, and various mileage information. This report can help you determine which vehicles may require movement within your agency and to where based on their utilization. When reviewing this report, the first thing to consider is that the appropriate utilization code assigned to each vehicle. Send any required changes to SFM at If necessary, see utilization code document for reference.

Once accurate utilization codes are confirmed, the Proj FY End % Utilized column is a good place to review to identify those vehicles that are either under or over utilized. 

A vehicle with 100% in this column represents a vehicle that is predicted to travel exactly the assigned miles for its code. Review any vehicles on this report that have less than 100% in this column. Annually, SFM will send out a report of under utilized vehicles and you as the fleet coordinator will have to justify why these vehicles haven’t met their required utilization. Once these vehicles have been identified, review the operational need and make a determination of whether or not these vehicles are actually needed. Is there another vehicle available that can be used? If not, can this vehicle be swapped within your agency with a vehicle that has been overused? 

Those vehicles with more than 100% are exceeding the minimum utilization requirement. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Identify those vehicles that have the highest percentages and determine if they can be swapped for a vehicle that previously was being underutilized.

Breakdown of the remaining columns:

Previous FY’s Miles-This number is the mileage the vehicle traveled in the fiscal year previous to what was selected in the parameter.

Annual Req Miles-This amount is based on the assigned utilization code. See Vehicle Utilization Codes sheet 

Fiscal YTD Rptd Miles-This number is the current mileage traveled for the fiscal year. 

Fiscal YTD Mileage Over/Under-This number gives you the mileage above or below the required minimum mileage, as it stands now. If you ran this report for the current fiscal year and there are months remaining, it does not account for these future months.

Proj FY End Miles-This number is what is predicted to be travelled in the months remaining in the fiscal year. For those vehicles predicted to be close to meeting minimum requirements, it is a good idea to review this number and ensure it is appropriate.