SFM has created custom exception reports for officially adopted rules with the expectation that each agency that has vehicles with telematics review them monthly.  SFM also anticipates an increase in interest to telematics; as such, we request that each Fleet Coordinator has a backup person to assist with these duties.  With the adoption of rules, it is important that exception data be restricted appropriately; so we additionally ask that each Fleet Coordinator review existing users in the Geotab solution and verify that the level of access is appropriate.  SFM suggests that you have a discussion with your agency’s Human Resources and RISK Managers to determine both the backup Group Administrator and the level of access needed for each user.


To assist you and your Management team with this process, we've attached the updated Geotab Agency Role Matrix 053122.pdf which includes a description of each permission.  Also attached is the Geotab Report Distribution Training for Fleet Coordinator 01072020.pdf which provides the Group Administrator (Fleet Coordinator or backup) with options of report distribution in the system.  The Geotab Report Distribution Training for Users 01072020.pdf has also been provided; depending on the method of report distribution you decide to use, this may or may not be needed.  Finally, the Geotab User Training_030320.pdf document has been provided for those that have not been in the system recently and need some basic navigation instructions.


Geotab’s report distribution does have some limitations, as configured, so the training materials are quite extensive.  If, after you have read through the documents, you feel that you need additional support, please send an email to our general email account dpa_sfmtraining_support@state.co.us and we will get your name on the list for a future Geotab/Fleet Coordinator training – date TBD.